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        Aijia Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan is a focus on large vacuum equipment and cryogenic equipment Polycold ultra high-tech enterprise, after years of development, has become the industry benchmark.
South Of China Distributor

MR Wu/+86-13903038154                  QQ₪·◕│•:273747042
Tel₪·◕│•:+86-769-81559131                   Fax₪·◕│•:+86-769-81555716
E-mail₪·◕│•:ajia551@ajiavac.com        Website₪·◕│•:http://www.send72.com
Add₪·◕│•:No. 16, Kangtai Street Changan Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province,China
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